The key principles for PPE

The key principles for personal protective equipment (PPE) usage are:

  • You must change gloves/aprons between patients.
  • You must decontaminate your hands between patients.
  • Remember to avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • COVID-19 is spread predominantly by respiratory droplets, hence surgical masks are appropriate for routine care.
  • Surgical masks are to be worn by patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19 if tolerated, provided this does not compromise care.
  • Administration of pressurised humidified oxygen and administration of medication via nebulisation are not aerosol generating procedures.

Alcohol and substance misuse

We work in partnership across Kent and Medway to help those who need advice and information in relation to drugs and alcohol.

This means you will have improved access to treatment and outcomes if you are using our services, but also need information or help about drugs and alcohol.

Here you can find links to our partners, which may help with information or self-referrals.

When you are referred by your GP or other health professional, a screening tool regarding the use of alcohol and/or substances will be completed with you, which will be sent with your referral. Ask your GP or health professional for more information.